Arts education for children that is fun, challenging and focused on exploring the things your child finds interesting

Artist in Residence

Infusing the Arts with core curriculum

What is the Artist Residency Program?

It is an experience that brings a working artist into the classroom to partner with a teacher. Together, they infuse the Arts into classroom learning. what does that look like?

As an illustrator, filmmaker and animator, I collaborate with you and your students as we:

Learn about animation, filmmaking and/or illustration

Use my artform to teach core ciriculum such as math or reading

Teachers and research agree that working with an artist in their classroom...

Inspires students to be creative, conceptual thinkers

Motivates  students to actively participate in learning

Empowers students with creative tools for education

But don't take my word for it. See some examples!

Sound Awesome?

Barber Center, Fall 2012

Digital Arts residency where students used iPads to create their own eBooks and movies

Waren Beaty Middle School, Summer 2012

Students created animated fables using claymation

Union City Elementary School, Winter 2012

Students used video and animation to explore math and reading lessons while teaching a robot to read and getting attacked by chairs

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